What is a bitcoin mixer?

Mixer is a service that obfuscates your bitcoin transactions. It takes your bitcoins and sends you back the ones from the pool, which are premixed and not connected with you. Thus it breaks the link between the transactions before and after the mixing and makes it impossible to track the connection between the bitcoins that came into the mixer and went out.

How to use the mixer properly?

  • Enter one or several destination bitcoin addresses for receiving of new bitcoins.
  • Specify the delay time and split the amount among destination addresses if there are a few ones.
  • Download the guarantee letter.
  • Mixer gives you an address. Send your bitcoins to it.
  • Don't send the amount less than the allowed minimum. All lesser amount of bitcoins will be considered as donations.
  • Send bitcoins only from your personal wallet - don't sent it from third party services. Don't give a mixing bitcoin address to other people and don't use it on third party services.
  • Use only your personal wallet for receiving mixed bitcoins, don't send it directly from the mixer to third party services.

What should I do if bitcoins never arrived?

  • Check that your transaction to the mixer has three confirmations. If it does not, please wait. The mixing will start when the incoming transactions receives enough confirmations.
  • Keep in mind the delay you set for the mixing. Bitcoins will be sent after this delay starting from the beginning of the mixing process. Delay is useful for incresasing the anonymity level.
  • Check the mixer's website address in the browswer's address bar. Even one letter difference means you've user a phishing website.
  • Check the contents of the guarantee letter. It must have the correct mixer's and recipient's addresses. Do not disregard the validity check. This means that you must make sure that the letter was signed with the address belonging to this service (it's called the service address). You can do it via this link. You can find the correct service address at the bottom of the site.
  • Please turn to support, if this manual did not help, using Telegram Sinbadio_English.

I've closed a browser's window, is my mixing cancelled now?

Closing the window does not mean the mixing is cancelled. The mixing will be processed successfully if you did everything right. If you've saved the window address, open it to see your mixing again.

What is the mixing code?

Mixing code guarantees that you will not receive you own bitcoins which you sent previous times if you use the mixer repeatedly.
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