New design

Dear customers! Meet the new design of our service. We hope it will be more convenient for you. Also, we added a new support contact - jabber: [email protected]

Spanish language added

Now is available in english, russian and spanish.

Increasing of mixing delays

Now for improved anonymity you can set the delay up to seven days. It's recommended to use different delays for each destination address, it significantly imroves the privacy of your mixings.

Service fee cut until November 2

In honor of the service launch we have cut the fee to 0.1%. The offer is valid until November 2.

Bitcoin mixer Sinbad starts its work

Make sure your blockchain operations are anonymous. Mixer Sinbad mixes your BTC and breaks the connection between transactions before and after using it. Service works fast due to the presence of premixed reserves. You can find answers to your questions in FAQ or by contacting official service support via Telegram chat @Sinbadio_English
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